The New Covenant - Entering God's Rest - 3 Audio CD Set

Bob George

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Bob George
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The New Covenant
Entering God’s Rest

If there were only one subject that Bob George could talk about, this would be it. His burning desire is for Christians to understand that we are under a brand-new covenant.

While the world points to the birth of Christ as the centerpiece of human history, God looks at the cross of Jesus Christ as the dividing line. Why? Because Christ’s death ushered in a brand-new covenant.

In understanding this truth, the Bible will begin to fall into place for you. You will see how this is the “missing key” for many believers. This study is essential to understanding our inheritance in Christ and what it means to experience freedom and abundant life in Christ.

Beautifully boxed CD set with front and back cover; perfect for gifts and handing out to family and friends.

The New Covenant

Purchase 3 or more of this CD series and receive a 15% discount on the CD sets. Great to present as gifts and give them out to family and friends.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review