Faith That Pleases God - 4 Audio CD Set

Bob George

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Bob George
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Faith That Pleases God - 4 Audio CDs Set

Every Christian desires to please God The question is how? That is where faith enters the picture But what is faith? How does faith work in our lives? True faith must have an object. It is not a tool to twist God's arm nor is it something we cannot understand. The reality of faith is in the reality of a person. His name is Jesus Christ. This series will teach you to the difference between faith, belief and trust. You will see the kind of faith it takes to please a loving God and to realize the role of faith in your life as you respond to God's initiatives.

This four disc audio set is perfect for playing in your car or home audio CD player.

Beautifully boxed CD set with front and back cover; perfect for gifts and handing out to family and friends.

Faith That Pleases God

Purchase 3 or more of this CD series and receive a 15% discount on the CD sets. Great to present as gifts and give them out to family and friends.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review