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Bob GeorgeDear Friends,

Amy and I would like to thank you for your love and continued support. We look forward to joining with you in the continuance of spreading the message of Grace. We are excited about our Internet ministry and watching how the Lord opens doors to reaching others.


Please be aware, that since Bob's stroke, it is difficult for Bob to respond directly to you. However, we at Bob George Ministries do pass the messages on to Bob and Amy.

We would appreciate if you use the contact form on Bob George Ministries contact page to provide your email address and phone number, or you may use the following email address to reach out if you need help or have any questions:


Bob George Ministries
3411 Preston Road, Suite C13166
Frisco, Texas 75034

Rest assured, your privacy is respected and information you provide is only used in conjunction with Bob George ministries and is not shared.