Making The Impossible Possible - 4 Audio CD Set

Bob George

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Bob George

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Making The Impossible Possible

Try to live the Christian life. Impossible, right? We've all tried. Our efforts, as noble and sincere as they  may have been, did nothing more than litter our paths with failures and frustrations.

God never meant for us to live the Christian life through human effort. The dynamic of this new adventure in Christ does not rest on our shoulders. God sent Jesus to live His life through us. As you learn to abide in Him, you will experience the impossible becoming possible.

Beautifully boxed CD set with front and back cover; perfect for gifts and handing out to family and friends.

Making The Impossible Possible

Purchase 3 or more of this CD series and receive a 15% discount on the CD sets. Great to present as gifts and give them out to family and friends.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review