Truth To Stand On - 3 Audio CD Set

Bob George

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Bob George
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Truth To Stand On

People we most admire in life are those who hold deep heartfelt convictions, people who are willing to take a stand. As children of God, we are called to take a stand on truth even if it means being unpopular or politically incorrect. God's truth draws us to Himself and strengthens us to stand with Him against world opinion and cultural trends...

Join Bob George in this three part series and learn that in taking a stand on truth you will:

  • Find the courage to resist temptation
  • Experience peace and joy in the midst of heartbreak
  • Learn to apply God's wisdom to daily situations
  • Bring strength and stability to your relationships


Beautifully boxed CD set with front and back cover; perfect for gifts and handing out to family and friends.

Truth To Stand On

Purchase 3 or more of this CD series and receive a 15% discount on the CD sets. Great to present as gifts and give them out to family and friends.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review