The Book of John 40 Lessons - Zipped MP3 Audio Files Download

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Download to a computer first.

MP3 Audio Study of the Gospel of John presented by Bob George.

Purchase and download all 40 lessons in one ZIP-Compressed file (each lesson is approximately 50+ minutes long) on the Book of John, the Gospel of John.

Download to a computer first.

Note: All media delivered in this manner is copyrighted. The downloadable media may not be distributed or reproduced without prior written permission directly from Bob George Ministries.


  1. The files are in Zip (compressed) format. When making a purchase you will be sent an automated email with a link in the email to the downloadable files. You will be able to download this file a maximum of three times and link is good for 15 days from the purchase date.
  2. We recommend using your computer (PC or Mac) with a solid Internet connection, (instead of your portable device) to download each of the Zip files being purchased. Note that these Zip files are many megabytes in size (and have numerous lessons included in each file), so give it some time once you begin the download process to have it completely saved on your computer. A high speed Internet connection is recommend as the best way to proceed with the downloads. Note where your downloads are saved (typically in the downloads folder, though you may have set yours to a different folder or even the desktop) on your local computer.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, you will need to click on the file to uncompress and extract the MP3 audio files to be able to import and play them on your device.
  4. Import these audio files into your iTunes account if using an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad to play them on all your devices.
  5. Or, import the audio files into your MP3 player or import them into your Android phone or Android tablet device. Refer to your device instructions on how to do this.
  6. If you wish to burn your own standard audio CDs from these MP3 files to play in your car, you may burn the audio CDs directly from the files using your CD burner software that typically comes with PCs or Macs. When converting to standard audio formatted CDs, the amount of audio files that can be stored on one CD is significantly less at standard audio files as compared to the compressed MP3 audio file CDs. This is because MP3 formatted audio is substantially compressed as compared to the older standard audio CDs.

Note, many new car stereos, home stereos and portable CD/MP3 USB boombox players can play MP3 audio CDs as well as standard audio CDs directly. Refer to your owner’s manual for this information to see if your CD player can play these type of CD files. If you would like to play any of these files in a portable player, and Amazon has some very reasonably priced MP3 CD USB Players that are designed to play MP3 files from a USB flash drive or MP3 discs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review