Prison Edition of A Closer Look at Your Identity in Christ

Bob George

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Bob George
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A Closer Look at Your Identity in ChristPrison Edition of A Closer Look at Your Idenity in Christ

The issue of identity is inescapable and central to our lives. “Who am I?” we all ask. “Where did I come from? Where am I going?” Every person wrestles with these questions, and the answers we adopt determine the direction of our lives.

Today, this search for identity falls under the concept of self-image. Every person has some image of himself. It could be a healthy, positive image, or it could be a poor, negative one. Regardless, a person’s self-image determines his self-worth in this life, whether he is a success or a failure. Self-image is what affects, for better or worse, a person’s attitude and behavior toward others and life’s circumstances. With all that is at stake, it is easy to see why people are in search of a good self-image.

However, there is much debate concerning how to develop a good self-image. Many psychologists, counselors, and even some church leaders believe that to develop a good self-image a person needs to start loving himself more. As we will see, this philosophy is contrary to the teaching of the Word of God. Paul writes in 2 Timothy 3:2 that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves. According to this verse, our problem is that we love ourselves too much. So it would appear we could not develop is a realistic view of ourselves, what I like to call a proper self-image. We need to learn who we are from God’s perspective.

Bob George Ministries has a unique opportunity to bring hope to inmates who need to know how much they are loved by Jesus Christ. All of our books (with the exception of spiral bound books) can be sent to inmates. Please be sure to check with the facility to be sure that perfect-bound books are allowed. The quantity of books sent will also need to be approved by each facility.


When placing your order, please make sure that all the necessary information is included:

  • Inmate name
  • Inmate number
  • Name of facility
  • Address of facility (shipping address)

*If an inmate has a pending transfer, please make sure that they will be at the facility to receive your package.

When placing an order for a prisoner, the sender will have to provide the name of the inmate, inmate number, name of facility and address of the facility for their shipment (this would be the shipping address). Reminder: the sender will also need to check with the prison facility as to the specific rules for accepting packages from a ministry.

Please feel free to email us at Bob George Ministries with any questions you may have in order to get the prisoner his/her books and materials.

Book is Perfect Bound


(No reviews yet) Write a Review