Prison Edition of A Closer Look at Law & Grace

Bob George

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Bob George

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A Closer Look at Law & GracePrison Editon of A Closer Look at Law and Grace

The Word of God makes abundant use of a very helpful teaching tool—contrasts: light and darkness, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan, life and death, lost and saved, just to name a few. And one very beautiful and educational contrast found throughout the Bible is law and grace.

Far from being a dull theological subject, law and grace is the very backbone of the gospel. The difference between the two is at the heart of how a person is saved and, equally important, how a person will live the Christian life. Law and grace is not a side issue, it winds its way into every nook and cranny of the Christian life.

Without a proper understanding of law and grace, a person will be “double minded, and unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). The Bible will be hopelessly contradictory for such a person and he will be unable to relate to God with confidence and thanksgiving.

However, those who have come to a fuller understanding of the grace under which we live have nearly felt “born again—again.” They have regained the joy, freedom, and spontaneity of their earliest Christian experience. This is the truth that sets men free (John 8:32).

Bob George Ministries has a unique opportunity to bring hope to inmates who need to know how much they are loved by Jesus Christ. All of our books (with the exception of spiral bound books) can be sent to inmates. Please be sure to check with the facility to be sure that perfect-bound books are allowed. The quantity of books sent will also need to be approved by each facility.


When placing your order, please make sure that all the necessary information is included:

  • Inmate name
  • Inmate number
  • Name of facility
  • Address of facility (shipping address)

*If an inmate has a pending transfer, please make sure that they will be at the facility to receive your package.

When placing an order for a prisoner, the sender will have to provide the name of the inmate, inmate number, name of facility and address of the facility for their shipment (this would be the shipping address). Reminder: the sender will also need to check with the prison facility as to the specific rules for accepting packages from a ministry.

Please feel free to email us at Bob George Ministries with any questions you may have in order to get the prisoner his/her books and materials.

Book is Perfect Bound


(No reviews yet) Write a Review