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Bob George

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Bob George
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This Life Series sample order pack includes one of each of the following books:

Be Reconciled to GodBe Reconciled to God

Be Reconciled to God booklet. Reconciliation means "to settle a debt, or to make friendly again." At the cross, Jesus did both. He settled the sin issue once and for all. He removed the sin barrier between God and man and built a bridge between us to that we could enjoy a relationship with Him, In so doing, He showed us that God is our friend, not our enemy.


Perfectionism booklet. We live in a day and age when many people are trying to help others to have a good self-image. The Bible, however, tells us that we already have an exalted self-image, and that it is pride that came before the fall and is the root cause of all sin. Our real problem is a perverted love for ourselves.

The Word of GodThe Word of God

The Word of God booklet. Our confidence in the scriptures as our source of truth and authority must have a firm foundation in order to stand against the stresses of life. A faith built on anything else will crumble when seriously challenged. The only secure foundation for our faith is Jesus Christ Himself.

The Deity of ChristThe Deity of Christ

The Deity of Christ booklet, we examine Jesus' claims about Himself, what His disciples claimed about Him, the proofs of Christ's claims, and some of the applications in our daily lives of the deity of Jesus Christ.


These small booklets are excellent for sharing with family and friends the truth of God's Word and would love to get these samples into your hands at a resonable price, so we are offering free shipping anywhere in the world on this sample packet. Note that free shipping only applies to this sample packet and not on the entire order if other items are purchased at the same time due to shipping weight constraints.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review